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The Love & Light Fall Massive!

3 Rooms ,3 Genre's, 3 Headliners, 1 VIBE !

>>Main Room<<

:::EXZAKT::: - Monotone U.S.A.
Larry "Exzakt" McCormick (Monotone USA / has been a staple and a legend in the Electro Breaks realm for more than 15 years. Producer of some the sickest Electro tracks to come out of South Florida. Owner and creator of Monotone USA arguably one of the best Electro labels ever with countless 12 inch and digital releases from his own original tunes to tunes from some of the sickest artists in the Electro Breaks game! Never selling out to a commercial sound he remains on top of his game and is currently working on a new album some of which we will hear at this special event. Get ready for some earth quaking bass from the 808 Jedi Master!

:::MIKE NICE::: - Love and Light/Just Funkin
 Mike (of Mike and Charlie) has been rockin L&L events since 95'.With over 20 releases on his label -Just Funkin and producing one club banger after another such as "Chunky Love",Everybody in the House", and "Soul Music".He has also achieved international sucess with "I Get Live", which featured remixes by Fat Boy Slim,Stanton Warriors,and Dave London.

:::TECK 1::: - Playground Ink / Jungle Bastard / FSOB
Eddie "Teck 1" Olmo  is known for throwing and DJing at some of the most memorable warehouse parties in the mid to late 90s alongside Screwface & Bamboo (Valley of the Drums 1-3). Not stopping there he has helped produce and DJ at some of the most memorable underground club events to hit central Florida like the Lupin & Vital series. Not to mention the infamous Crooked Tree events Touch Bass 1 & 2 and Beat Harvest 1-3. Most recently becoming part of the infamous Future Sound of Breaks All-stars.

:::DAVEAUX::: - Tampa
Arriving in Tampa in the late nineties,this Chicago immigrant quickly made an impression on dancefloors all over town.His early morning sets at the Paint Factory and The Studio earned him a reputation as one of tampa's true underground djs.Daveaux's residencies include MARZ,Groove Ent.,The Studio,and more.

:::BASSLUT::: - Love and Light
 Co-owner and founder of Paradox Recording (Tampa/London) The slut has played in almost every building in Ybor. Booked in every state in the south west US, and has shared the stage with many of the best Dj's and producers in the region. 20 years on the force." I love the Underground, the dirt is cleaner".

>>House Room<<

:::HUGGY:::-20/20 Vision/Tango/Back to Basics-UK
 Paul Huggett AKA Huggy started his DJ career in 1988 at the Exclusive club in Batley U.K.In 1992 he took residency at the seminal BacktoBasics in Leeds U.K. where his legendary sets gained him a loyal fan base.
His first works as Bear (Wulf N Bear ) fame ,Urban Farmers,Unlikely Lads and Hoth were ahead of their time and were givin steaming reviews in the likes of Mix Mag, NME and Muzik. Along the way he has landed on underground labels such as 20-20 Vision ,Slip N Slide,BacktoBasics and more recently Tango.Huggy’s eclectic style have seen him DJ on the four corners of the earth from Sydney ,Australia ,Moscow,Ibiza ,Paris,Frankfurt,Geneva,London,Glasgow,Perth,and he has covered 22 states in America since he arrived in Orlando in 1997 wowing clubs with his sets of Funk,techno and house.

:::MATTY::: - Hallucination Ltd/Adjunct Audio/Superfreq
1/2 of the duo known as Joint Custody, Matty  has been making waves in the underground dance music scene since 94 . Joint Custody released their first record on Traum Records, Germany in 2007, and released a number of E.P.s on Casa de Conde since 2008.  As of last year, Joint Custody signed to Mr.C's label Superfreq. The first Superfreq release, Lights and Buttons, came out in May, featuring stellar remixes by Mr. C and a[p]endics.shuffle The full length E.P. “ Hurt You “, a proper showcase of Joint Custody, was released in November 2013 on Superfreq, receiving great feedback from djs, radio stations, and fans alike, as well as being featured as a staff pick on Beatport.  Joint Custody also has a single out on Adjunct Audio's new compilation " For Every Moment Of Triumph “

:::SILVERFOX::: - DIRt &FiLtH/Sagol/Sub_Minimal
The Fox is so mysterious that its hard to write a bio for her. She mainly holds down dark and dirty dancefloors from Tampa to Miami, but most that know her know her for her efforts to keep underground electronic music what its supposed to be. While she is most known for the late late night scene, she brings in, and opens for, top "real" electronic music in the Tampa Bay underground.Dont be late, you dont want to miss this.

:::MIKE E::: - Love and Light
Founder of Digable Promotions and one of the driving forces behind Love and Light ,Mike made his entrance into the Dj booth in 2000 as a resident at MARZ. Along with more recent appearances at Jackson's and Hyde Park Cafe, he has also held residencies at some of Tampa's most memorable venues such as Rain Lounge,1509,Velvet,The Falls,Illusions ,Cozmos , and played almost every LnL event for the past 12 years.

:::GLEN SANDOVAL::: - Tampa
 Starting out like most as a bedroom DJ making mixes for himself & friends, then cutting his teeth in the underground afterhours scene, to maintaining  a residency at one of Tampa’s most respected underground clubs The Hyde Park Cafe, Glen's passion for music is alive and a driving force to bringing new & exciting music to the dance floors of Tampa & Beyond.

>>Playa Tech Room<<
De-fault for what?

:::JEREMY STARKS::: -  Camp Funk Evolution/Burtlandia
Passionate about music from a young age, Jeremy earned his Dj stripes coming up through the Florida Burning Man scene. Since 2008 he has run the main sound camp at the Florida Burns known as The Funk Factory. Those that know him from this subculture are very familiar with his 12 hour marathon sets that bounce back and forth between every genre you can think of. He is so well respected in the Florida Burning Man community that he was granted the stage name "Dj Goodwood", taken from the property with the same name which is where the most secret of secret Florida ..........never mind Ive said too much. He'll get your funk flowin. )'(

:::POPEJOHN::: - Tampa
John Despard AKA PopeJohn has been murdering dance floors across the state of Florida for more than 15 years now. Setting up shop in Ybor City and quickly obtaining a residency at The Amp, Tampa’s hottest EDM nightclub, PopeJohn has exploded in to the Central Florida scene. His high energy, Bass heavy open format style has allowed him to open up for almost every artist that comes through the Central Florida area.  John is also a recently certified FL Burning Man Regional Ranger.

:::NADIASVATI:::  - Earthdance/Genitorturers/Camp Airstream/Tank-Gri-La
**with special guest Trippy Pippy Tolan, live percussion (Los Angeles/Tampa).  Nadia Z Romi has been a music lover since the beginning, a musician for over 10 years, and has a brand new performance act that she has decided to perform here for the very first time.  Currently the touring DJ and stage performer for the Genitorturers , she has performed as a dj, theatrical performer and dancer. Djing under the name Nadiasvati and doing other performances un der the name Nadia Z Romi, she has toured nearly the entire United States and Canada performing various events and festivals.

:::OHMBASS:::  - OhmStead/Pleasuretown
With their main sights set on saving the world through Project OhmStead, Johnie Five and Matt White from OhmStead Entertainment are teaming up live for the first time at  the Love and Light Fall Massive!  You may also  know Johnie Five as the founder and operator of Pleasuretown, a village that operates within the Florida Burning Man Community. Come early and get pumped off all our funkin energy and enough mash-ups to twirl your stache' up.

:::E S ┼ A B A N:::- St. Pete/Camp Honey Badger
E S ┼ A B A N has been a staple in the Pinellas County underground for well over a decade. He/she is known for responsibly hosting skyway parties on a regular basis. There is no telling what this madman will throw down. E S ┼ A B A N is also a recently certified Florida Regional Burning Man Ranger.  

Featuring a mind bending Intelligent light and lazer show with a sound system boasting an astonishing 32 18'' subs and 80000 watts to push them.Guaranteed to make you wanna slap your mama!

Photography by Brian Miller and Mikki G Photography

Sound support by Tampa Electronic Krew